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  For foreigners who are living in Japan, it should be much more difficult to select good hospitals in case of getting sick. The expectation to see famous and good hospitals seems to be universal. With regard to so-called three major lifestyle related diseases such as cancer, heart trouble and stroke out of all diseases, the desire for selecting famous and good hospitals seems to be strong and many foreigners are struggling for it.
  At this moment, however, there seems to be very few sites which provide foreigners with necessary information about Japanese hospitals. Therefore, this site is to provide foreigners in Japan with useful information of famous and recommended hospitals for so-called three major lifestyle related diseases (cancer, heart trouble and stroke) per area. Please make best use of this site in case that you need to find good hospitals.
  Please note that hospitals which are not introduced in this site are not necessarily low evaluation hospitals.

three major lifestyle related diseases
  In Japan, the number of deaths stemmed by the three major lifestyle related diseases (cancer, heart trouble, apoplexy) are 500,000 per year.
This consists a ratio as large as 60% of the total number of fatalities.


  Sometimes I have received e-mails searching hospitals where English can be understood. Although many of them seems to be in serious atmosphere, it is rather difficult for me to cope with them promptly since I’ll usually be back from work around 23:00 and also I am not so good at English. Since I have prepared the list of English understanding hospitals below this page, it would be highly appreciated if you could refer to the following list.
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 Please make use of this site as a reference of your selecting hospitals. Final selection should be done based upon your own
  judgement and responsibility.

 In case of any trouble happened with hospitals listed here, we should not be responsible for any damages caused.

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